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Solitaire on Kindle Paperwhite: Everything You Need to Know About Downloading and Playing the Classic Game

thanks friends for a nice discussion and helpful tips! i am fairly new reader with a paperwhite and an All-new kindle reader. Few of the books i have on paperwhite are neither shown in my cloud (total bought list) but are only on one device Paperwhite and on other reader it shows as EXPIRED. Amazon also not showing them on my purchase history, What could be the reason, and also these books not showing the SHARE button as active when I try to share a passage.

how to download solitaire on kindle paperwhite

The apps that you can use in your Kindle Paperwhite are limited. You can download content from the Kindle book store (books and audiobooks) and a few games like solitaire, but most are related to word and number type games like sudoku. Remember that it is a slow device and that you cannot download video apps.


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