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With Samurai Karate

Welcome to Samurai Karate &  Self Defence Queensland

At Samurai Karate all your martial art needs are met with appropriate classes for all ages and ability levels. 

In a Samurai Karate dojo you will be taught not only traditional Shito-ryu Shukokai, but sport karate also. 

Our instructors are highly qualified and are recognised internationally. Our association is affiliated to our Japanese counterparts which ensures that you get the same traditional karate that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Get involved, have fun, & make friends.

LEARN MORE about our rich traditional history here

Time Table


Samurai Karate QLD provide tailored lessons to maximise development and to keep content relevant. Children are taught in classes with peers of a similar age and ability level; not adults. Our adult and teen classes are split into beginner (novice),  intermediate and senior classes reflecting their current belt & the amount of time they have been training.

As children learn best through movement and play, our classes are structured specifically with this in mind.  Our instructors incorporate our traditional content into a variety of games to keep classes fresh and fun while students inadvertently increase their self defense skills, awareness, control and self discipline.

Shukokai karate is more than just punching & kicking, it is an art-form in of itself and literally means "way for all".  It does not discriminate against age, ability, gender or previous experience which is why it is practiced and enjoyed in dojos all over the world.   There’s always more to discover about the art and about yourself.  Discover what you are capable of. 

Tuesday & Thursday


5-6yr olds (Thursday only)


Juniors 7-9 yr olds


Juniors 10-13 yr olds 


Novice & Intermediate Adults 13+


Adults - Brown / Black Belts

meet the staff



Sensei Rocky is the Queensland Chief Instructor and has been studying Shukokai for over 40 years. He is a multiple AKF QLD State Team representative, coach, and a direct student of Shihan Kimura 8th Dan and Shihan Paul Mitchell 9th Dan Hanshi.

Shihan Rocky Simmons

6th Dan (Rokudan) Renshi


Luke began training with Samurai Karate when he was a child.  Over 30 years later he is a multiple AKF QLD State Team representative, referee and has a BA Education. He is also a direct student of Shihan Paul Mitchell 9th Dan Hanshi.

5th Dan (Godan)

Shidoin Luke Brudenall


Melinda has been with Samurai Karate for over 20 years.  She has been a QKA & AKF competitor, currently runs Samurai Karate's Women Self Defence courses, holds an AIS Level 1 coaching certificate and is also a certified children's running coach.

Jun Shidoin Melinda Preston

4th Dan (Yondan)



0467 283 432  |

Underwood Park Community Centre - 982 Underwood Road Priestdale, QLD AU 

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