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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Adam Ignatov
Adam Ignatov

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EDIT:To clarify this answer a bit regarding the comments on it: @Ian_Fin gave a suggestion on how to improve the situation that can be one way to approach it. But even if one brings it to the attention of the department it might not improve at all or not very soon. I personally think it is unlikely that the department does not know about this issue and if they have not done something about it once they introduced that course I personally do not think they will do something now. The last sentence is my intuition to that case and might be completely wrong. I am just saying: Wolfram has means to detect this and if a big group uses a crack from one location (maybe even the same serial/registration) it becomes easier for them to detect and it is a bigger issue to them than one single instance.


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