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The Worst Spotify Wrapped You'll Ever See __EXCLUSIVE__

What makes many people use Spotify over other apps is the Wrapped feature and most of them pay for premium so their wrapped is more accurate. I am beyond dissapointed, I was waiting with a lot of excitement for the Wrapped and apparently I won't get it; Spotify seems like they don't care to fix it ot make it available for users who "aren't eligible". They are giving everyone who complains the same answer of basically "we hope you get it next year". Seriously how frustrating. I just cancelled my suscription by the way and I'm not paying again for premium unless they solve this problem now which doesn't seem to be the case.

the worst Spotify Wrapped you'll ever see

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I guess Spotify never took you statistics into account in the first place since your country wasn't eligible for wrapped. They collect data until november so I suppose they worked on people's stats during that month to create the wraps and left us out of it. I tried changing my location too earlier today and still wasn't able to check my wrapped. Very dissapointing specially for people who paid for premium the whole year lik I did.

Hi my spotify wrapped isn't working at all, I have the latest updat and have cleared my cache and logged in and out of the app multiple times. I had clicked on it initially 2 days ago but there was a glitch and I didn't get to see the slide show. It redirected me to my top song playlist, but when I tried to access it yesterday it says the playlist had been deleted This is really disappointing since spotify wrapped is why I even got spotify in the first place hope this issue can be resolved soon .

After another year of decoding artists' cryptic social media posts and staying up until midnight to hear our favorite new albums as soon as they dropped, we're looking back on all of the biggest album releases of 2022. \nFor Taylor Swift fans, the year was a back-to-back music spectacular featuring \"Midnights,\" unexpected bonus tracks on the \"Midnights (3 a.m. Edition), and residual love for \"Red (Taylor's Version),\" which was released in November 2021. Other artists who've dominated the charts with new releases this year include Rosal\u00eda with \"Motomami,\" The Weeknd with \"Dawn FM,\" Harry Styles with \"Harry's House,\" Kendrick Lamar with \"Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers,\" and more. From longtime favorites like SZA and Lizzo to rising artists like The Linda Lindas and Conan Gray, 2022's album lineup was the ultimate fuel for constructing the perfect playlist.\nAs we eagerly wait for our top artists of the year to be revealed in this year's Spotify Wrapped, see some of the biggest albums of 2022 \u2014 including a few new albums still to come \u2014 ahead.\n\n Related:\n\n \n \n \n \n\n Calling All the (Hopeless) Romantics! Khalid's Mixtape, Scenic Drive, Is Here\n \n \n","id":48645033,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Sources: Getty \/ Amy Sussman, Getty \/ Kevin Mazur \/ The Recording Academy and Getty \/ Dimitrios Kambouris \/ MTV \/ Paramount Global","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"50 Albums From 2022 That Are Guaranteed to Be on Our Spotify Wrapped","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"RihannaAvril LavigneBeyoncé KnowlesMusicMegan Thee StallionKhalidEntertainment NewsKid CudiParamoreMusic News","is_cover":true},"embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/6t7P7YaLT53dOuqMrv6Pe5qVrgo\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2021\/12\/13\/940\/n\/1922283\/netimg63hCAH\/i\/Megan-Thee-Stallion-Traumazine-Album-Release-Aug-12.jpg","title":"Megan Thee Stallion \u2014\u00a0\"Traumazine\" Album Release: Aug. 12","intro_text":false,"body":"After waiting patiently for three years to hear new music from Megan Thee Stallion, 2022 was finally our year. Following Stallion's \"Something For Thee Hotties\" mixtape, which was released on Oct. 29, 2021, the rapper hinted that her new album wasn't far behind. \"I felt like I was rushing trying to put out projects because I feel like I always got to feed the Hotties,\" she told Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe that same day. \"So right now how I'm writing, I'm really taking my time. This is the most songs that I've ever recorded . . . y'all should be prepared for next year.\"\nOn March 11, Stallion released \"Sweetest Pie,\" featuring Dua Lipa \u2014 the lead single from her upcoming album. As a follow-up to the collaboration, Stallion debuted her new song \"To Whom It May The F*ck Concern,\" a celebration of female empowerment, during her set at Coachella on April 17. \nJust a few months later, on Aug. 12, Stallion came through with her full \"Traumazine\" album, which she named in reference to the chemical released by the brain in response to traumatic events. The album includes hits like \"Her,\" \"Pressurelicious,\" and \"Plan B.\"\n","id":48647232,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647232\/Megan-Thee-Stallion-Traumazine-Album-Release-Aug-12","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Megan Thee Stallion \u2014\u00a0\"Traumazine\" Album Release: Aug. 12","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":1,"slide_tags":"MusicMegan Thee Stallion","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Rosal\u00eda \u2014\u00a0\"Motomami\" Album Release: March 18","intro_text":false,"body":"On Nov. 2, 2021, Rosal\u00eda shared an 18-second YouTube clip teasing \"Motomami,\" her third studio album's title track. A week later, on Nov. 11, 2021, she posted the official video for \"La Fama,\" featuring The Weeknd, and followed up on Feb. 3 with the official video for her new song \"Saoko.\" The full album, which dropped on March 18, also features guest appearances from Tokischa, Frank Ocean, and Playboi Carti. Ahead of the album release, Rosal\u00eda made her \"Saturday Night Live\" debut with \"Chicken Teriyaki\" and \"La Fama.\"\n","id":48647210,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647210\/Rosal\u00ed-Motomami-Album-Release-March-18","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Rosal\u00eda \u2014\u00a0\"Motomami\" Album Release: March 18","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":2,"slide_tags":"MusicRosalía","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Kid Cudi \u2014\u00a0\"Entergalactic\" Album Release: Sept. 30","intro_text":false,"body":"During a performance in California at the 2021 Rolling Loud festival, Kid Cudi revealed his plans to release two albums in 2022, beginning with \"Entergalactic,\" the soundtrack to his animated Netflix show. \"I have 'Entergalactic' coming in the summer, but I wanna drop another album before that,\" he told the audience. \"And I got some tasty surprises, and I'm really excited about all this new sh*t, all this new music, to give to you guys.\"\nOn April 9, Cudi performed with Jack Harlow at the Kids' Choice Awards. During his set, the rapper performed his new single \"Stars in the Sky\" from \"Sonic the Hedgehog 2.\" Several months later, on Sept. 30, the artist dropped his full \"Entergalactic\" album, which includes songs like \"Willing to Trust\" with Ty Dolla Sign, \"Can't Believe It,\" featuring 2 Chainz, \"Somewhere to Fly\" with Don Toliver, and more.\n","id":48647180,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647180\/Kid-Cudi-Entergalactic-Album-Release-Sept-30","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Kid Cudi \u2014\u00a0\"Entergalactic\" Album Release: Sept. 30","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":3,"slide_tags":"MusicKid Cudi","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"SZA \u2014\u00a0\"S.O.S.\" Album Release: Dec. 9","intro_text":false,"body":"SZA fans are hungry for a follow-up album after her 2017 release, \"Ctrl,\" and she's been hard at work \u2014 clocking 12-hour days in the studio \u2014 to give fans what they've been asking for. \"I'm different, so how could [my music] not be different?\" she told POPSUGAR in March 2021. \"So much of me is in my music \u2014 it's literally verbatim whatever's on my mind, and I see the world way differently than I did [before] . . . I'm just trying to have fun and really let my heart speak and get out of my head.\"\nIn Sept. 2020, SZA released her first lead single since 2017, \"Hits Different,\" featuring Ty Dolla Sign. A few months later, she released her song \"Good Days\" on Christmas Day. She then went on to be featured on Doja Cat's \"Kiss Me More.\"\nOn Dec. 21, 2021, SZA released her breakup track, \"I Hate U,\" followed by a music video featuring LaKeith Stanfield on Jan. 7. After winning her first Grammy for best pop duo\/group performance for her collaboration with Doja Cat on \"Kiss Me More,\" SZA confirmed that the new album is done and awaiting a release date. \"I just actually finished it up in Hawaii recently, so just turning it in,\" she told Variety at the Grammys. \"It's probably my most unisex project yet. It's definitely for everybody in a different way.\"\nShe has since released her highly anticipated singles \"Good Days\" and \"Shirt,\" much to the excitement of fans. In an interview with Billboard on Nov. 16, SZA revealed that the new album is titled \"S.O.S.\" and shared a projected release date of December 2022, a deadline that has her feeling \"stressed.\" \"I hate the red tape analytics of dropping anything \u2014 it's so stressful,\" she said. She added that the pressure to release new music has intensified, but she only plans to put out the finished album when she's ready.\nOn Nov. 30, she shared the album cover on Twitter, a photo of herself sitting on the end of a diving board over the ocean. SZA's sophomore album will make its debut on Dec. 9.\n","id":48647182,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647182\/SZA-SOS-Album-Release-Dec-9","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"SZA \u2014\u00a0\"S.O.S.\" Album Release: Dec. 9","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":4,"slide_tags":"MusicSZA","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Khalid \u2014\u00a0\"Everything Is Changing\" Album Release: 2022","intro_text":false,"body":"Originally scheduled to drop in fall 2021, Khalid's third studio album, \"Everything Is Changing,\" is taking longer than expected to arrive \u2014 but good things take time. On July 21, 2021, he dropped \"New Normal,\" his first single from the album, which was inspired by \"the pandemic and the emotional toll that quarantine took on me and my friends,\" according to Billboard.\n\"'Everything Is Changing' as an album really takes that a step further, with all of the songs centering around trying to find a purpose and a sense of self in a world where everything is digitally connected but emotionally disconnected,\" he said. \"As we all come out of quarantine and venture more into the world and try to reconnect with people we haven't seen in over a year, I hope the messages explored within the album open up conversations and allow people to access their feelings in a new way.\"\n","id":48647126,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647126\/Khalid-Everything-Is-Changing-Album-Release-2022","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Khalid \u2014\u00a0\"Everything Is Changing\" Album Release: 2022","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":5,"slide_tags":"MusicKhalid","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Normani \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: 2022","intro_text":false,"body":"At the 2021 Soul Train Awards on Nov. 28, Normani hinted that her debut album as a solo artist is on the way and that she might even accompany the release with a tour. \"I wanna tell you that summer is gonna be lit,\" she said. \"I'm ready to perform, I miss performing.\"\nOn March 21, Normani premiered her heartbreak song, \"Fair,\" her first solo track since her Fifth Harmony days and the lead single off her upcoming album. \"When you go through heartbreak and adversity, that often creates the best record,\" she told Today. \"And for me, this was really just an opportunity to showcase my vulnerability. I think that I've never really been comfortable with being vulnerable in front of people. So, for me, this was really a breakthrough and really just shattering the idea of perfection.\"\nInspired by some of her favorite '90s musicians, such as Brandy, Monica, Toni Braxton, and Destiny's Child, the new album will be a mashup of genres that serves as an \"introduction to who I really am.\" \"I think that's one thing that, in the beginning of the process, was limiting to me creatively, because I'm like, 'OK, is this pop enough? Is this urban enough?' Like, I was really, really putting myself through it and not enjoying and just making good-ass music, which for me is the most important.\"\nIn an April interview with BET, the singer said the album is a representation of her growth as an artist. \"You can expect a range \u2014 me being my most vocal and [more] authentic than ever before from start to finish,\" she said. \"There's a range from what you can hear from the records I've already put out along with the next record I'll be putting out \u2014 there's so much dimension to me as a person so I really wanted my artistry to reflect that. Sonically, I was able to experiment. I love being in the studio as my playground, and production value, to me, is super important. As a songwriter, I've grown tremendously. With me trusting myself, you'll hear that confidence for sure.\"\n","id":48647164,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647164\/Normani-New-Album-Release-2022","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Normani \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: 2022","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":6,"slide_tags":"MusicNormani","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/CjmDJfXqGE_MH5WSBIiweLv5jnw\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2022\/04\/18\/848\/n\/1922283\/netimgICHeoG\/i\/Cardi-B-New-Album-Release-2022.jpg","title":"Cardi B \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: 2022","intro_text":false,"body":"It's been four years since Cardi B released her debut album, \"Invasion of Privacy,\" but new music is definitely in the works. On Oct. 28, 2021, a Cardi B fan account shared a soundless video that featured several music executives giving the \"WAP\" singer's new music a listen. \nOn Dec. 13, 2021, the rapper posted an Instagram video updating her fans on the status of the new album. \"I'm in a lot of positions that require a lot of my time, and on top of that, I gotta put out this album next year,\" the mom of two said. \"Not only do I got to put out an album, but I gotta record a movie. I've got to do so much sh*t, y'all.\" In January, Cardi B also shared a glimpse of her new at-home recording studio. We're definitely keeping our eyes open for any album hints or single releases.\n","id":48647225,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48647225\/Cardi-B-New-Album-Release-2022","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Cardi B \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: 2022","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":7,"slide_tags":"MusicCardi B","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Taylor Swift \u2014 \"Midnights\" Album Release: Oct. 21","intro_text":false,"body":"Taylor Swift's highly anticipated \"Midnights\" album dropped at midnight on Oct. 21. Just a few hours after the album's debut, Swift also shared the music video for her hit song \"Anti-Hero.\" Later, the \"Lavender Haze\" singer released the Easter-egg-packed music video for \"Bejeweled,\" which features famous faces like Laura Dern, the HAIM sisters, and more.\nSwift also announced seven additional tracks, compiled under the title \"Midnights (3am Edition),\" including \"The Great War,\" \"Would've, Could've, Should've,\" and \"Hits Different.\"\nSince the album release, Swift's song \"Bigger Than the Whole Sky\" has resonated heavily with people who have experienced miscarriages. The album as a whole has also proven to be highly relatable to people with insomnia. \nAfter announcing her The Eras Tour on Nov. 1, Swift caused a stir among fans who attempted to use Ticketmaster's \"Verified Fans\" system to obtain tickets. Due to an influx of ticket buyers on the site, Ticketmaster canceled public ticket sales for the tour on Nov. 17.\n","id":49007820,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/49007820\/Taylor-Swift-Midnights-Album-Release-Oct-21","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Taylor Swift \u2014 \"Midnights\" Album Release: Oct. 21","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":8,"slide_tags":"MusicTaylor Swift","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Frank Ocean \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: TBA","intro_text":false,"body":"Four long years after the release of his second studio album, \"Blonde,\" Frank Ocean is returning in 2023 to headline at Coachella, which might mean there's new music in store ahead of the performance. Given the \"Pink + White\" singer's unpredictability when it comes to album releases, we can't be sure he plans to release new music in 2022, but he sparked a frenzy among fans in September when he wiped his Instagram account of all posts. While he hasn't made any posts since clearing his page, fans are hopeful that the cleanse is a sign of new music on the horizon.\nIn July, Ocean also teased fans with an instrumental release on the first episode of \"Blonded Radio\" on Apple Music during which he discussed psychedelics and working late nights in the studio.\n","id":48649417,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48649417\/Frank-Ocean-New-Album-Release-TBA","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/album-releases-2022-48645033","share_text":"Frank Ocean \u2014\u00a0New Album Release: TBA","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":9,"slide_tags":"MusicFrank Ocean","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Harry Styles \u2014\u00a0\"Harry's House\" Album Release: May 20","intro_text":false,"body":"Two years after releasing his sophomore album, \"Fine Line,\" Harry Styles returned with a long-anticipated new album. On April 1, Styles dropped the first single from his album \"Harry's House.\" The track, \"As It Was,\" included a snippet of his goddaughter's voice in the intro, and the music video featured dancer and model Mathilde Lin as Styles's love interest. \nThe album features 13 tracks, some of which fans theorize are about Olivia Wilde, including \"Late Night Talking,\" \"Matilda,\" \"Satellite,\" \"Love of My Life,\" and more.\n","id":48795559,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48645033\/embed\/48795559\/Harry-Styles-Ha


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