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claudine in bondage

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In our Premium section we already examined a rare German booklet from the early 1950s entitled Mädchen in Bedrängnis (Female in Distress) by the important bondage illustrator who went by the pseudonym Swiss Jim.

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Justice Alito: Mr. Katyal, many of your arguments lead to results that are pretty hard to take. So suppose a U.S. corporation makes a big show of supporting every cause de jure but then surreptitiously hires agents in Africa to kidnap children and keep them in bondage on a plantation so that the corporation can buy cocoa or coffee or some other agricultural product at bargain prices. You would say that the victims who couldn't possibly get any recovery in the courts of the country where they had been held should be thrown out of court in the United States, where this corporation is headquartered and does business? 041b061a72


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