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Destiny Run: A Game of Choices and Consequences

A brand new running game of destiny! Fate is fair to everyone, and people need to be responsible for their lives. Each of us is the master of our own destiny, and every choice we make in the game will affect our ultimate destiny. Whether you will be a good angel or an evil demon depends on your choice! And in order to have a good destination, in the end, you need to choose carefully.

destiny run


I recently got the ASUS Flow X13 w/ R9 5900HS 4266mhz 16 ram and 150w laptop RTX 3080 16GB, one of the most powerful laptops out there right now. But when I play destiny, the game runs like absolute hot garbage. The behaviour of the fps is confusing, regardless of my graphic settings (even at 25 render resolution), I can never get stable 144 fps in normal gameplay, 100-130 is the best it can do, yet the CPU utilization is only at 30%, and GPU at 40%-60%.

After some investigation through HWinfo, I found out that the average utilized thread usage when playing destiny is less than 60%. for comparison, even genshin impact can max a thread out to 100% when the fps is unlocked, so destiny 2 officially runs worse than a mobile game.

Make choices and determine your eternity in Run Destiny Choice! You have lived a full-on life, but it is never late to change things. You still have the chance to change things at the last second. Do you think you can change your destiny and save your eternity?

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Welcome to a new exciting game called "Run of Destiny", where you need to help the main character make various decisions that will affect her destiny! Each of your actions will entail certain consequences that will be displayed on the appearance of your character. Therefore, carefully consider each decision, because it will depend on them where you go, to heaven or to hell. Will you become a kind angel or an evil demoness? In Destiny Run, you are the master of your destiny, so the choice is yours!

Destiny Run is an exciting action-packed runner game developed by VOODOO, where players get to choose their destiny as an angel or a devil in the afterlife. In this game, the choices you make will determine your fate as you race through levels filled with challenges and obstacles.

So, do you want to be a naughty person or a good one? The decision is entirely up to you. Choose wisely, as your soul will find its perfect place in the end. Download the Destiny Run game on PC and become a part of this exciting adventure today! Get ready to run, jump, and fly your way through the levels in this epic game of destiny.

Choose your destiny, make your life choices. Be Angel or be Devil!Then Go to Heaven! Or Go to Hell! It is your fate!So are you a good person or a naughty one? Divine decision is in your hands now. Use it wisely!This is the runner of your lifetime and after it! Where will you go in your afterlife? You will find it in this game!It is your judgement day and gods will judge your choices. Your soul will find its place!Being a celebrity or a student, an imposter or a doctor, rich or poor; they do not matter! There is only one important judgement: be merciful or be wicked. The holy justice calls for you!

Make the best choices for your life and decide your destiny. Be an angel and fly to heaven or be a devil and go to hell! You should decide your fate! So, you will need to decide whether you are a good person or a naughty one. You will not wisely make a divine decision that will have an impact in your lifetime and after it! In this amazing game, your soul will find its place!


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