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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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In February 2019, Reddit was found to be shadowbanning links to Openload.[8] In April 2019, Openload stopped paying uploaders as part of its affiliate program.[9] In June 2019, Openload's main domain name,, was suspended.[10]

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When trying to watch movies or TV shows on openload, a common error is seeing the & pair error. This error appears when sites that host video streams can detect you are using a VPN or trying to access their material from an unsupported geographic region. You may also get the pairing message if your IP address or HQ link does not match their database of registered users and devices that have been authorized to view the content.

2) Restart Your Router: Turning off and restarting your router may help resolve any intermittently disconnects or errors that you might be experiencing with & pair error messages appearing regularly when streaming from openload. 041b061a72


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