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Where To Buy Enamel Pins

Need a little pinspiration to kickoff this pintastic shopping spree? We got you covered. Check out fan faves like our Bee Weird Enamel Pin by Guild of Calamity, our Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko Enamel pin, or even our Moon Cat Enamel Pin by Lolle.

where to buy enamel pins

Shop hundreds of enamel pins from artists. The best cool pin badges to decorate your backpack, denim jean jacket, lapel, and festival hat for sale in our online store.

From graphic designers to apparel masterminds to major retailers like Urban Outfitters, creatives and pin makers worldwide have started building successful online businesses by transforming their unique designs and ideas into enamel lapel pins.

Many people have bought an enamel pin at some point in their lives. They are an easy to use fashion accessory that look good wherever you put them. Enamel pins are considered small pieces of art and are sold and marketed as such. Most enamel pins cost somewhere between $8 and $12 dollars, but can also sell for much more. Despite the low price point, they can have incredibly healthy margins when designed and produced correctly.

Today, people wear pins to express themselves and to promote the things they like. They can place pins anywhere: backpages, hats, shirts, pants. Enamel pins have become a sort of fashion statement, with celebrities like Taylor Swift wearing them on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Using soft enamel also lets you get more texture detail into your design, including borders and edges you can actually feel. However, soft enamel pins are also much less durable than hard enamel pins and they can be scratched easily. From a pin production perspective, they can be easy to make but have durability drawbacks.

Hard enamel is much more durable and rugged than soft enamel but can be more expensive and generally has more restrictions when it comes to coloring. Hard enamel pins can appear subdued and less vivid than soft enamel pins.

3D mold pins, or die-cast pins, are a type of pin made with metal. They are made when molten metal is poured under high pressure into a mold of your design. 3D mold pins typically have a more elegant, classic look and are made from either zinc or pewter.

An epoxy pin has a clear plastic coating that is applied to soft enamel or offset-printed-style lapel pins. It adds shine and protects your designs from damage. Epoxy coating can protect silk screen paint or offset printed designs from fading or scratching over time.

Die struck pins are made from pressing metals, like iron, gold, or copper, against a steel mold to create your pin. Striking the metal creates a recessed area where you can add color options, like cloisonné. Some makers also sandblast the recessed area to create a two-tone metal look.

If you can narrow down a unique niche for your enamel pins, the rest of the process will be much easier. Understanding your audience also means understanding how to design a great product and sell it to that audience.

Spend some time browsing your favorite enamel pin websites or social media profiles. Have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration. Take note of what you like and what you think could be improved. Be sure to look for inspiration outside of the enamel pin niche as well. You can always borrow inspiration from other industries to help further grow your enamel pin business.

The brand is artist-run and owned, so you know you'll get high-quality, custom pin designs at an affordable price. It also manufactures pins out of its own ethically sourced and certified factory in China. You'll pay between $130-180 for a minimum order of 100 pins between a size range of 1-2 inch pins.

PINTRILL gives new life to work by artists that have passed like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. It also expanded its product line to include keychains, pin backs, and hats. You can create your own DIY custom pins right on the website.

Be like UNDP's Goodwill Ambassador and Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh: wear your original SDGs lapel pin with pride everywhere you go! Looking for a pin that won't pierce your delicate fabric? Discover our new SDGs Magnetic Lapel Pins.

Custom hard enamel pins are loved by expert pin designers. In hard enamel, We fill the enamel colors to the brim of the metal cavity and then polish the enamel flat for a smooth and shiny finish. They are the second most popular style of pin we offer, after Custom Soft Enamel Pins. They are considered to be the fanciest and highest perceived value style of lapel pin. Hard enamel pins are best for simple designs or expert-level designers.

Hard enamel pins are die struck, overfilled with enamel (full color) and then polished down to create a surface that's smooth to the touch. Unlike soft enamel pins they do not have the feeling of being engraved or textured. Sometimes referred to as a hard enamel badge, you can place these jewelry quality pins anywhere; collar, backpack, lapel, or anywhere else. Depending on the size of the order, the enamel is either filled by hand or machine. For bulk orders over 5,000 pieces they are often filled by machine in order to achieve a fast turnaround. Customers also have the option of ordering magnetic backings for projects where the traditional nail/clutch will not do the trick. Sometimes especially small details can be tricky to see on hard enamel pins, so consider soft enamel or print on demand pins if your design is complicated. For example, if your design is a photo -- you would be better suited to order these printed pins. As a manufacturer of personalized pins for over 30 years, we are confident in our promise to be the best enamel pin maker on the internet. Enamel pins custom designs can be created by our artists with unlimited digital revisions.

Yes, we can take any design or logo you have and create custom pins with it. We are experts at translating any artwork to custom product specs. You will receive unlimited proofs/edits after you order and before production starts.

Yes we have two options. You can add a custom backstamp or laser engraving. A custom backstamp would be raised metal. Laser engraving is often used to serialize limited edition pins (1/50, 2/50, etc.)

Yes you can request this during the proofing process. We strongly discourage this as the pins will likely get scratched in transit. If you select this option you are also accepting the risk the pins are damaged in transit.

The way I (Greg) always approach it is to look at the break even point and balance that with my own selling experience. The median price people sell pins for is $10, so it makes the math really easy to figure out. How many pins do I need to sell to break even? You can price your pins at whatever you like, but $10 is easy to calculate.

Enamel Pins are all the rage today. They are an icon of style, and who doesn't want to look stylish? The pins initially gained immense popularity in the early '90s but the craze died down with the passage of time. However, Millenials have taken it upon themselves to revive the trend of enamel pins. They have now become one of the rapidly growing trends, which means that the demand is now higher than ever.

When there is demand, there has to be a sufficient supply. Several enamel pin manufacturers have bridged the supply gap. More and more companies are popping up offering cool designs and high-quality enamel pins. But which among all them is the best? That's a hard decision to make as different companies offer different services and strengths and weaknesses. We are here to assist you in the decision. Read through the descriptions of each of the following companies and decide where to buy enamel pins from.

Do you want to get magical enamel pins? Wizard Pins is the company you need. As the name suggests, Wizard Pins are great wizards for customizing enamel pins for you. Their production is not just limited to the local clients but international customers can also take help from their services. Their custom-made enamel pins give you a smooth finish with a professional look.

Their soft enamel pins are less expensive as compared to other companies. However, there are no compromises on the quality. It is the best choice for people looking for a simple enamel pin that is also affordable. Since soft enamel pins are not polished, you can see the design more clearly than hard ones.

If you are looking for a smoother finish and a more professional look, you should go for hard enamel pins from Wizard Pins. Their pins are filled to the brim with color and later polished to ensure smoothness. Hard enamel pins are made on iron, and with Wizard Pins you can get magnetic backings. Other manufacturers do not commonly offer magnetic backings.

If you want an intricate design, it might be impossible to do them in enamel. Intricate designs are harder to fill with enamel, but Wizard Pins has a solution. You can get the design printed if not made with enamel. Most companies do not offer the combination of print and enamel.

Vivi Pins offer a large variety of pins, including shapes and colors of all sizes. The specialty of Vivi Pins is that you can order customized enamel pins without any minimum quantity required. Enamel pins are in fashion. The designs that you find in readymade pins might not be what you are looking for. So, what you can do is ask Vivi pins to customize enamel pins for you. They do not shy away from complex designs and try to come up with the best possible artwork. You can either come to them with your own design or ask professional designers to cater to your requirements.

To come up with high-quality soft enamel pins, it is best to understand the manufacturing processes. Vivi Pins offers one of the most smooth soft enamel pins without polish. The soft enamel pins with Vivi Pins will last you for the complete event. You can get these made at the most affordable prices.

Metal thread and bright colors are the most critical components of Enamel pins, and GS-JJ make sure that you get the best of both. GS-JJ offers to provide enamel pins for both bulk orders or minimum orders. If you want a quick inspiration for designs, you can get help from the pre-uploaded designs by the company. Using those designs, you can get the inspiration you need or if you would like them to curate a design especially for you, opt for GS-JJ. They promise to provide you a design in 24 hours which is excellent for rush orders. 041b061a72


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