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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Frank Ocean - Pink White

The title of the track itself refers to aspects of existence, life and love that Ocean can't control. "That's the way everyday goes/ Every time we have no control," he begins to sing. "If the sky is pink and white/ If the ground is black and yellow/ It's the same way you showed me." He can't control these physical facts of existence anymore than he can control the people he falls in love with.

Frank Ocean - Pink White

Pink + White is the third track from Frank Ocean's second studio album Blonde (2016). The song is produced by Pharrell Williams and has uncredited backing vocals from Beyoncé.[1][2] The song's lyrics contain themes of mortality while the song's title refers to pink and white skies.[3]

The first set of lyrics in the song serves to describe a strange pink and white landscape then contrast it with a more realistic black and yellow landscape in order to highlight the randomness and lack of control we have in the world. 041b061a72


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