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International Plastics Handbook - The Resource ... PORTABLE

"The USC Schwarzenegger Institute believes that the best public policy decisions are supported by facts and data, and that leaders must rise above partisan politics when addressing the great challenges of the day. We have created a toolkit to help legislators, at all levels of government, make smart decisions and craft informed laws that benefit from the experience and best practices of their colleagues across the United States. The United Nations recognized the powerful and important work taking place at the subnational level at the COP 21 Summit in Paris and acknowledged that the success of the international agreement - signed by over 190 countries - depends on the actions of state and regional governments. The Schwarzenegger Institute is pleased to support those efforts and to continue supporting the advances being made by local leaders in communities throughout America with this online resource."

International Plastics Handbook - The Resource ...

UNCTAD produces more than 150 indicators and statistical time series essential for the analysis of international trade, economic trends, foreign direct investment, external financial resources, population and labour force, commodities, the information economy and maritime transport.

The Endocrine Society and IPEN (International Pollutants Elimination Network) are proud to present this authoritative and comprehensive report to addresses how plastics can harm human health. An expert overview of twenty years of research shows that plastics pose a threat to public health because they contain a host of hazardous, endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that leach and contaminate humans and the environment. The report catalogues EDCs in plastics, synthesizes decades of international research on the health impacts of EDC in plastics, and describes pathways of contamination and biological effects of the plastic chemicals. Access the report. 041b061a72


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