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Using Crucifix On Silence... (DOORS)

Other religious references abound in the text. The most haunting is the image of a black crucifix. The priest carries a carved ebony cross with him to threaten Opaka's followers with the image of death. An ebony crucifix also decorates De Vega's apartment, foreshadowing his persecution and execution. A student of Opaka, he explains to Shadwin that even though the people of Bimini are immortal and death is banished, sorrow and sin remained. As a result of refusing to denounce Opaka and her beliefs, De Vega is put to death. Later, after Shadwin and Opaka mourn his death and declare their forbidden love for one another, Shadwin returns home. The sky has clouded over, but "a specter shape hung on the southern cross . . .[a] phantom crucifixion in the sky." The blackness of the crucifix portends emotional and spiritual death for Shadwin, rather than salvation.

Using Crucifix on Silence... (DOORS)

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