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Where To Buy Shedrain Umbrellas

Shedrain umbrellas bear the stamp of excellence of a successful family business that takes credit to 7 generations of craftsmen and over seventy years of incredible track record. Offered in various convenient models, stunning colors and prints, Custom Shedrain umbrellas will bring smiles to every face even on a bad weather day! Explore our collection of superior range of Shedrain umbrellas and get the best value for your money. We offer free design proof and artwork assistance to make your customization a breeze.

where to buy shedrain umbrellas

Custom Shedrain umbrellas make very effective business promotional items as everyone needs umbrellas at some point in their life. Designed in Portland, Shedrain umbrellas are master pieces that bring together form and functionality.

Umbrellas make consistent impressions, enjoy a long retention and above all have no expiry date! You can even purchase umbrellas in large quantities to get the best deals as these make a well favored gift item for your staff and customers.

Whether you use promotional Shedrain umbrellas at networking events, store promotions or milestone events you are rest assured that everyone will see your logo from far away. These high utility free gifts will reflect well on your brand credibility as well and make it stand out from many other ordinary handouts that your prospects may receive.

The incredible branding power and visibility of umbrellas have made it a great investment in promotional umbrellas. Versatile and popular, imprinted Shedrain umbrellas can be used to promote any event or brand with ease.

The clear canopy design of these bubble style umbrellas allows you to see out the top of the umbrella while you're nestled inside to keep dry. The ShedRain, however, has a colored band of fabric that is too wide, so it actually impedes your vision right where it matters as you're holding the umbrella.

We absolutely love these umbrellas. This umbrella is the perfect size, not too big, and not too small. The product is made of high quality material and the logo imprint looks perfect. Placing the order was easy and production time and delivery time was quick.

We don't need to sell you on the auto-open feature-- If you've ever tried to carry coffee and an umbrella, and lock a door behind you at the same time, you already understand. But if you think all umbrellas are created equal, just spend a few minutes looking over the elegant and clever craftsmanship behind this model. ShedRain has been making quality umbrellas since 1947, and it shows. Comes in a gift-ready box, because these umbrellas are too good to keep all to yourself.

Always be prepared for rain with the go anywhere pocket umbrella. Flatwear Umbrella by Shed Rain is a compact, innovated, pocket umbrella for men and women. These umbrellas may be compact, yet pack a big punch when it comes to protecting you from damp, wet weather. Travel to the rainiest parts of the world with this thin, lightweight umbrella. The Flatwear Umbrella is one of the sleekest umbrellas that Going In Style carries. Now you will always have room to pack your umbrella in your purse, tote or carry-on suitcase and will never get caught in unexpected showers without rain gear again.

Since the slim designed pocket umbrella is super narrow it can fit anywhere and go anywhere. This slimline umbrella utilizes Teflon technology to coat the panels for ultimate protection from the rain and wind. The rubber handle offers a comfort grip even in wet, soggy conditions. Attached to the handle is convenient wrist cord to securely carry your umbrella or fasten it to a tote bag.

The Shed Rain company is committed to excellence, taking pride in their work and delivering the best possible customer satisfaction guaranteed. Confident in the engineering, styling and functionality of the products, Shed Rain fully backs the umbrellas up with a Lifetime Warranty.

"ShedRain has been creating fine umbrellas and raingear since 1947. ShedRain has earned and maintained a reputation in the industry for quality, service, styling and innovation. We use the finest components and materials in the construction of our products.

Umbrellas are a simple, universal concept. They've remained largely unchanged for decades, and are readily available at most drug stores (or, in New York City, when it's raining, most street corners) for a few dollars. In terms of technology, there doesn't seem to be anywhere umbrellas can go. Except, perhaps, to motorize them. That's what ShedRain does with the e-Motion, a battery-powered umbrella that can open and close with the press of a button, without any reaching or pulling. It's a welcome trick, but hard to justify paying $99.99 for.

Besides the included 12V/0.15A power adapter and lanyard, the e-Motion comes with a thick zip-up sleeve for the umbrella. It covers the expanding section while leaving the handle free, and has no handle itself. The sleeve is more to provide a place for your umbrella sit without getting water everywhere after you use it, rather than storage. The battery is rated for up to 150 open/close cycles per charge, which means you won't need to worry about charging it too often. And if you forget, there umbrella can always been operated manually.

While the e-Motion is the first motorized auto-open/close umbrella we've tested, there are many other non-motorized auto-open umbrellas out there for a fraction of the price. However, the automatic closing aspect of these umbrellas is a bit of a misnomer. We compared the e-Motion with a ShedRain umbrella with mechanical auto-open/close functionality. The manual model springs open with the press of a button, but pushing it again when the umbrella is open collapses the canopy, but leaves the umbrella extended. For compact umbrellas this means you still need to manually push the grip and the head together to make it fully compact again.

The motorized action of the e-Motion is handy, but the trade-offs it makes for that convenience are hard to ignore. It's twice as heavy as similar-sized compact umbrellas, it's noisy, and most importantly, it's expensive. The ShedRain e-Motion could certainly be useful if you have difficulty opening and closing umbrellas due to arthritis or other health issues that limit your range of motion, but the extra weight is an important factor to consider, since you still need to hold the umbrella up once it's open. It could also be appealing to technophiles who want to automate and motorize everything, but for the vast majority of people, a good, old-fashioned, inexpensive automatic-open umbrella remains a better bet to stay dry. 041b061a72


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