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[S2E21] Seder Anything Fixed

That night at the Waldorf's, Cyrus' mother arrives while he meets with Serena. They finish and he promises to look into the legalities of her situation but that he thinks she should tell Lily. She admits that telling her mother she accidentally got married in Spain but is getting an annulment wouldn't sit well with her. Cyrus excuses himself to go to Eleanor, who is calling him, and Dan reveals himself, having heard what she did. Upstairs, Serena explains to Dan that two days into the trip, Poppy and Gabriel got into a huge fight and she went home. After she was gone, a thing between her and Gabriel began. They attended a dinner where they got drunk and maybe got married in front of a priest. She asks if he's jealous and he admits that the fact that she married someone else so quickly is a bit insulting. He then says he has to get back to work and Serena realizes that he's serving the Seder. At the rehearsal dinner, Blair asks Nate what's going on and he simply says that he's glad she's there with him. Blair tells him to not say anything to William about Columbia yet and Nate says that will be easy because he isn't going to talk to him. William comes over and Nate gives him the cold shoulder as he walks away. He asks Blair if there's a problem and she nervously says no, that she just needs a few minutes to finish her task. At the Waldorf's, Rufus and Lily arrive at the Seder. Eleanor almost asks if he knows Dan is there, but then says that he'll find out. Rufus then notices Allan Levy, a famed art collector, speaking to Cyrus. Lily says that she knew he was coming so she got them invited so he could meet him. Rufus thanks her but says that he isn't going to fall over himself to impress someone like Allan. He then notices Dan come downstairs and asks what he's doing there. Serena comes down and says that Blair asked her to come so she asked Dan. Lily says that she doesn't want to cause a scene so they can talk later. Rufus laughs that Dan is dressed like a cater waiter and Dan replies that that's what happens when you go for a classic look. Eleanor comes over and asks what Serena is doing there. Lily explains that Blair invited her and Eleanor confusedly says that Blair made it clear she wasn't coming. She orders Dan to get the wine and to make himself presentable and he goes to follow her instructions. At the VDW's, Jenny has sliders with Wes while they set up to play Monopoly. He says that he can't believe she is the same girl who used to hang on the Met steps and she shyly says that people change. Chuck then enters the apartment while making out with a random girl. He tells them not to be alarmed if they hear screaming and takes her to his room. Back at the Waldorf's, Lily tries to strike up a conversation between Allan and Rufus but doesn't succeed. Serena apologizes to Dan for everything but he says he can't focus on that because he has a job to do.

[S2E21] Seder Anything

At the rehearsal dinner, Blair asks Tripp if he said anything to Nate. Tripp reveals that Nate feels blessed that they're back together and he's happy that the two of them have changed for the better. He asks Blair if she feels they're better for each other now and she says yes. He tells her to be good to him and walks away. Meanwhile, Nate begins his best man speech. In it, he reveals that he just found out that William is the one who had his father investigated, and subsequently, arrested. He finishes by warning Tripp to watch his back and ends the speech. Back at the Waldorf's, Dan is getting more linens when the elevator opens. Gabriel steps out, introduces himself, and claims to be looking for Serena. Dan goes to the dining room and whispers to Serena that she needs to come out to the foyer. She initially says no but then agrees to go when he tells her to again. She goes out and sees Gabriel. He explains that he came to see her because she disappeared from Spain and a guy at her apartment said she would be there. She tells him that he's crashing a private event and that he has to go. He demands to know why she won't even talk to him and she blurts out that Dan is her boyfriend. Dan plays along but Gabriel doesn't believe them. Eleanor emerges and greets Gabriel. He apologizes for interrupting and she invites him to join. He accepts the invitation and goes into the dining room. Back at the rehearsal dinner, William asks Blair if she knew about what Nate did. She swears she didn't and he tells her that he has five minutes to fix it, because she needs to remember what she has at stake. Back at the Seder, Lily asks Gabriel if he went to Spain with Serena and Poppy. He says yes and Serena interrupts to tell Cyrus that the wine is delicious. Allan Levy asks Rufus if his artists are worth attention and Rufus says they all are. Dan comes in to serve wine and Gabriel asks why he's serving it. Serena quickly says that he's just helpful and helps him into the chair next to her. She grabs his hand and Lily sees it. Realizing that they're most likely back together, she whispers it to Rufus, who mutters that she has to be kidding him.

At the VDW's, Chuck is about to have sex with the woman when he realizes that he's done it with her before. He excuses himself to get a drink and goes out to the kitchen. He makes a comment to Jenny about Monopoly and she asks Wes to go for a walk. He agrees and she says she'll meet him at the elevator. Once he's out of earshot, Jenny tells Chuck that he shouldn't make everyone miserable just because he is. Chuck replies that she doesn't live there yet and she says that if she ever told Rufus about the Kiss on the Lips party (Pilot) that he would make Lily choose between them and Chuck. He affirms that he doesn't care if Lily kicks him out but Jenny says that he would care because the only people who care about him are the VDW's. The woman comes out and asks if he's coming back. He tells her to let herself out. At the rehearsal dinner, Nate apologizes to Blair for making a scene and not telling her. She asks if he's okay and he admits he's not, because he feels it was wrong to trust William. She tells him that he's wonderful and that she's going to get her coat so they can go. When she's gone, William explains to Nate that he only turned Howard in after he lied about having a problem and doing anything wrong. He continues that he only did so to prevent further damage to Anne and Nate. Nate asks why he couldn't have just told him that from the beginning because he's sick of everyone going behind his back and lying to him. William offers to have them start again and tells him about his deal with Blair. At the Seder, Eleanor is becoming increasingly agitated at not being able to eat. Rufus asks Dan and Serena when they got back together, and Lily adds that they just broke up two months ago. Gabriel says that he thought they broke up right before Spain and he's confused on why no one knows they're dating. Lily finally asks Serena what is going on and Dan announces that he is a cater waiter so they're pretending to be back together to cover for him. Rufus asks if that's him trying to help with Yale and Dan says yes. Lily asks for a word alone with Serena.

Outside the rehearsal dinner, Nate tells Blair to go home because he needs some air. She asks what's going on because she's proud of the way he handled things there. He asks her if she told William she would convince him to go to Yale in exchange for being a bridesmaid. She admits that she did but Nate says that first William sold his father out, then she sold him out for a picture in the newspaper. He sadly says that he thought that this time their relationship would be different but she's the same girl she always was. She begs him to give her another chance and he replies that he can't think of a single reason why he would. Back at the Waldorf's, Lily confronts Serena about making a scene. Serena says that she knows she's hurt people and made mistakes but she misses the freedom her old life gave her. She wonders how to find a balance between the two in addition to handling Lily thinking she's a bad person every time she messes up. Lily says she could never think of her as a bad person and that her acceptance letter to Brown came while she was away. She congratulates her and the two hug. Lily asks what she's going to do about Gabriel and Serena admits that she likes him but it's become a big mess now. Corrine comes in and says that he just left. Outside, Serena stops Gabriel and apologizes for lying. She also says that she's not ready to be married and Gabriel smiles. He says that they're definitely not married, and it probably wasn't even a priest that "married" them. Relieved, she admits that Dan isn't her boyfriend and Gabriel asks about himself. They begin to make out until Blair arrives. She tearfully dives into Serena's arms and they hug. At the VDW's, Nate goes to see Chuck. He tells him about the night and Chuck tells him that he shouldn't want Blair to be anything other than what she is. He realizes his glass is empty and Nate offers to go get them refills.

To try to bring everyone back together, Ari and Sarah put together a makeshift seder plate and attempt to bring everyone together for a seder. But this also goes badly: Josh leaves and Shelly finally stands up for herself, calling out Maura, Sarah and Ari for excluding, mocking and pitying her. There, the seder ends; however, Shelly invites Maura, Sarah and Ari to watch her perform a one-woman show in the lounge. Shelly puts on one hell of a performance and her family give her a standing ovation.

Much like the plight of the Israelites, affliction turns to hope for Sophie. After talking with many members of her family, she decides to leave to seek treatment after the seder and praises Sandy for taking in Ryan.

In this episode of a show which centers around a nameless drug dealer visiting different clients, we meet the Waxman family having a seder. While hosts Joel and Shira desperately try to entertain their young son, everything seems to be going awry around them: Mom Debbie is criticizing everything, the chef puts bacon in the matzah balls, youngest daughter Rachel is drunkenly flirting with the chef and The Guy (the drug dealer) arrives at the end. 041b061a72


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