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Mahmood Vorobyov
Mahmood Vorobyov

Gloomy Eyes

An amazing VR experience. A Tim Burtonlike animated tale (style Nightmare before Christmas) of the impossible love between a girl and a doomed zombie boy. The tale spins through haunted landscapes in a comical macabre atmosphere. The VR allows you to scrutinize up close the tiny and incredibly detailed marionette-like figures, putting your eyes on a level with them or joining them inside a cave or on a frozen lake. And then you're flabbergasted by the one giant figure of the sad lightless sun, shaped out of lava, with residues of light shining through the cracks. And beautifully narrated by Colin Farrell.

Gloomy Eyes

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Brrr! A freezing cold wakes you up and your eyes are slowly opening on a huge storage building. But where are you?! And why are you tied to a toboggan?! And this man who comes closer to ask you if you are comfortable, is he kidding you?! Anyways, except from nodding, you can't really do anything...

SEOUL, May 3 (Yonhap) -- The London-based global banking giant, HSBC, offered a rather gloomy outlook for South Korea's economy Tuesday, expecting the country's central bank to trim its policy rate during the second quarter.

It was the first time the British banking group offered an annual growth outlook for the South Korean economy, but it joined many other major institutes that have offered a gloomy outlook for the local economy.

Behind him, hoardings had been erected around a condemned building. It looked as if he had been thrown out with the garbage and the sidewalk was as far as he had gotten. He had a sign up on an easel: The Artist Is In. But his whole attitude was negative. The river of the big city streamed by him but he didn't stretch out his hands to it. He didn't whimper and he didn't beg. He didn't beat his chest. I couldn't read what it was he kept hidden in his eyes. He wore a vacancy. No bitterness, mind you, no hostility, just a sterile silence. I was sure that underneath that impersonal mask all kinds of screams lay bunched. I was sure of it. But his face remained tabula rasa, a complete blank. Like his immobility. 041b061a72


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