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Blood West Chapter 2 Free Download

a. Boiling and filteration are methods of purifying water which makes it suitable for consumption. Drinking boiled and filtered water can help in prevention of water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, etc. Most of the water borne diseases are transmitted through the consumption of contaminated water in some or the other form. b. Smoking and alcoholism are two of the devils of our health and society. Smoking leads to various kinds of respratory disorders and hinders the process of respiration. It can lead to diseases such as lung cancer. On the other hand, consumption of alcohol, effects the nervous as well as the digestive system of our body. Avoiding alcohol and smoking can protect indivisuals from various diseases and can help in living a healthy and stress free life.c. Balanced diet and exercise are key to good health. Both of these in combination helps our systems to function properly, helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces body fat, provides the body with energy, promotes good sleep and makes us feel better about ourselves.d. Proper checking of blood before blood donation is required to check that the blood to be transferred is safe in all respects. There are chances of transfer of infectious diseases form the donor, if he/she is suffering from any such diseases. Another important factor for checking of blood before donation is to check that the donor is not anemic (does not have anemia).

  • a. A balanced diet is a diet containing all nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, etc.) in the right quantities. A balanced diet helps us in various ways:provides us with important nutrients required for the growth of body

  • helps us to stay fit and free from diseases

  • helps in strengthening the immune system

  • helps our systems to function properly

  • helps maintain a healthy weight

  • reduces body fat

  • provides the body with energy

  • promotes good sleep and makes us feel better about ourselves

  • b. Importance of exercise and yogasanas are:reduces the risk of heart attack

  • helps in managing weight better

  • helps in maintaining blood cholesterol level

  • lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers

  • helps in maintaining the blood pressure levels

  • helps in attaining stronger bones, muscles and joints and lowers the risk of osteoporosis

  • boosts the energy levels, makes you feel relaxed

The discovery in 1953 by the Taits and colleagues of the electrolyte active hormone aldosterone was a major landmark in the understanding of sodium homeostasis (1). Soon after, Bartter, Mills, Biglieri and Delea showed an influence of blood volume change on rate of aldosterone secretion (2). Laragh and Stoerk found increase of K intake increased aldosterone secretion (3). Several groups of investigators demonstrated that the anterior pituitary had an important but restricted role in the control of secretion in different species. The successful implementation of the idea of autotransplanting the left adrenal gland with attached renal vessels to a combined carotid artery-jugular vein skin loop in the neck of the Merino sheep, giving free access to artery and venous drainage in the conscious animal (4,5), was followed by demonstration that physiological decrease in plasma [Na] or increase in [K] acted directly on the adrenal to stimulate aldosterone secretion (6,7). The small rate of blood flow through the adrenal made it possible to produce locally in adrenal blood a wide range of change in composition with negligible systemic effect of the infusion. Thus it was possible formally to define precisely those factors which acted directly on the adrenal and those factors which, though influential on adrenal secretion, acted via an intermediate vector. 041b061a72


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