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[S1E12] To Kill The King ((EXCLUSIVE))

The king and the sorcerer struggle on the ground. Merlin wakes up and runs up the hill. Tauren is on top of Uther, just about to give him the death blow, when he is stabbed from behind. Morgana. She and Uther hug as Merlin watches from the distance.

[S1E12] To Kill The King

When soulmates can feel each other's pain, it takes Arthur a shockingly long to to figure out Merlin is the one sharing with him. Yet as Arthur keeps getting increasing worse injuries, he's left to wonder what the hell Merlin is actually doing!

When Morgana takes the Mage Stone to bring it to Tauren and to offer her help in killing Uther, Merlin follows her. Unfortunately for him, Morgana finds him and Merlin accidentally reveals his magic to her by touching the stone. They have a lot to talk about now. For example, will Merlin be willing to help Morgana kill Arthur's father?

As the king and Morgana ride to visit Gorlois' grave together, Uther looks back on the turbulent and dramatic relationships and events that have shaped Camelot and the Pendragons. Most of it is Morgana's family history, although she doesn't know that yet. With parents like hers, with all the grim secrets and lies, how much of a chance does she have?

Eleonore reveals to Anos that she was created by a Taboo Magic Spell that changes humans into magic, making her a humanoid-type magic spell. With Misha in his arms, Anos understands what Eleonore told him, but wants to focus on dispelling the Gavuel spell Diego cast on Jerga-Kanon. In exchange for being released from her confinement, Eleonore promised to figure out a way to dispel Gavuel. Anos does, and Eleonore instantly dispels Gavuel.

Once Eleonore completes her task, she elaborates on the true nature behind the Hero Academy, involving cloning humans with her as their creator. The one who implemented this existed two thousand years ago, who Anos deduced was Jerga, and Eleonore confirmed it. She then details that Jerga founded the academy so his descendants wouldn't forget his hatred toward Demons and to convert his source into two spells that'd kill Demons. Although Asc was said to contain Kanon's spirit, in reality it was Jerga's desire for revenge. Kanon was against this and tried to dissuade Jerga from doing this, but was killed as Jerga solely believed that Humans had to be the one to kill the Demon King. The betrayal is believed to have left an immense negative impression on Kanon, who did not revive thereafter due to growing tired of humans.

The following day, Anos orders everyone not to die and to not kill anyone over what he considers a trivial war effort. With that, Misha and Sasha confront the Dilhade forces in the west, and Lay and Misa are tasked with the east while the Fan Union handles the rearguard as support. Anos and the Demon Elders attack the enemy stronghold where Avos and his Elders are. Although Meheis' group easily subdued the other Elders, their manipulated sources were missing, and Avos was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Anos confronts Avos, who Anos identifies as Kanon, as Avos removes his mask to reveal his true identity as Lay, who was in fact Kanon's true reincarnation, as he was manipulating Anos into thinking that he was Shin's reincarnation. Furthermore, it's revealed that he used his six sources to manipulate six of his Elders. When Lay's motive to do all of this, he confessed that Humans were weak.

Picking up from where we left off last episode, Anos is able to talk with Eleonore and learn about her true nature: she is one half of Jerga's soul that has been transformed into a magic being whose sole purpose is to produce and endless army of mindless clone soldiers. The other half has infected the Asc spell (the spell that channels the power of many people into a single person/small group of people). Thus, anyone who uses it, be it the givers or the receivers of the power, is tainted by Jerga's need to wipe out the demons.

Eleonore is weary of being used as a baby/weapon-making machine for 2000 years, and feels that she is responsible for the deaths of all the clones she has made. She believed that the clones, if they were able to convey their feelings, would hate her. However, when she asks Anos for death to release her from her eternal torment, the previously-mute (except for spell casting) clones instead beg Anos to save Eleonore who they see as their mother.

This is an interesting dynamic. Eleonore is both an unwilling tool of war and the remains of all that was good in a heroic human corrupted by his own need for revenge. Yet, she is controlled by humans who still cling to that need. Moreover, her existence is tied to Diego (who is also a clone, though one with the genocidal zeal of Jerga coded in) and so as long as she lives, he will continue to respawn no matter how many times he is killed.

Avos Dilhevia appears alongside the three remaining traitorous demon emperors and steals Kanon's holy sword from the room next to Eleonore's. We then suddenly skip several days to where Diego musters an army to fight Avos and kill the demons while Avos reveals himself as the Demon King of Tyranny and calls on demonkind to kill all the humans.

Before the episode is over, we see: Anos and company gather their own force to stop the impending war, a romantic scene between Misa and Lay, the entirety of the war (which is basically Anos and friends kicking their fellow demons in the teeth), the defeat of the remaining three Demon Emperors, and the reveal of Avos' true identity. To say it's a busy episode would be an understatement.

Naofumi studies Glass with his information hub but is unable to obtain any information on her relating to her or her level. Puzzled by his lack of initiative, Glass (who witnessed the fight with the first Soul Eater) asks the Shield Hero why he is not moving to attack her. She then suggests that Naofumi send his "servants" to attack her first, referring to the other three Heroes. Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki all take offense to this, as do their party members who immediately surround Glass. Enraged the Three Heroes unleash their ultimate attacks on her (Meteor Slash, Thrust, and Shot respectively). A gloating Glass not only tanks the attacks she responds with an energy strike of her own (Zero Stance Rondo: Reverse Four Seasons), which incapacitates everyone except Naofumi and his companions, knocking them out of the battle.

Naofumi calls Filo in once again. Despite using High Quick to deliver eight strikes in a single second, Glass parries each of the philolials kicks, unaffected. When Raphtalia attempts to slash her from behind, the raven-haired woman not only intercepts the incoming attack but responds with a strike of her own breaking Raphtalia's sword. Seeing his enemy adopt a familiar stance, Naofumi orders his companions to get behind him. He conjures up a Shield Prison just in time to protect all three of them from Glass's incoming Reverse Four Seasons.

As the shield barrier breaks, Raphtalia and Filo collapse onto the deck clearly exhausted. Smirking Glass steps forward. She expresses admiration that Naofumi is still standing after all this fighting, but demands to know when Naofumi intends to use his true weapon: i.e. the Wrath Shield. Recognizing the full severity of their situation, and with Raphtalia's approval, the Shield Hero activates his curse weapon. Filo's resulting power up still doesn't even phase the raven-haired woman, who sends the giant bird flying across the deck.

Angered, Naofumi charges forward! Fire magic lashes against wind magic, but in the end, Glass is consumed in a pillar of fire. Despite being temporarily covered from head to toe, the flames do not hurt her. Worse still, after breaking free, Glass uses a new skill (Rupture Stance Rondo; Tortoise Shell Cracker) an armor-piercing attack, which cuts through Naofumi's defense and breaks his dragon gauntlet.

Suddenly a loud ticking noise can be heard, as with a massive shudder, the ship starts to descend. The clock in the top right-hand corner of Naofumi's hub is going down, not up. as even her attacks didn't hurt him. A comment from Glass causes Naofumi to realize that their enemy is on a time limit. Glass then readies for another strike, gloats that this fight will end with her victory whilst stating that she has nothing personal against the Shield Hero.

The nearby villages have all been saved without any casualties, with the villagers extremely happy about this. Naofumi, however, sits alone, in deep thought, now very concerned. Glass' appearance has left more questions than answers. Why did the countdown appear? What is the true purpose of the Waves? More importantly, why was Glass so set on trying to kill him, a hero trying to stop the Wave?

Naofumi, in turn, responds with a jab of his own. Pointing to the ground in front of him, the Shield Hero demands that the King kneel before him and beg for the answer. His declaration shocks everyone present, whilst making Aultcray angry.

Naturally, the King responds to Naofumi's insolence by having his guards surround him, swords drawn. However, the Shield Hero is not intimidated. Instead, Naofumi declares that if he wanted to, he could kill the King and walk out the front door unharmed. Aultcray insists this is a bluff, but Naofumi summons his Chimera Viper Shield showing it is anything but. Turning to the guards, Naofumi challenges the soldiers, reminding them that he was the one that defeated the previous Wave's boss, not any of the other heroes. they regard so highly Aultcray's soldier's eye one another nervously but make no move to strike, further irritating the King.

Melty, however, counters that her conversation with the King has nothing to do with Malty and reminds her that the one who shoulders the responsibility of Crown Princess is herself, not Malty. Melty also adds that she too intended to act in the best interests of the country. This angers Malty, with Aultcray looking nervously back and forth between the two girls.

Meanwhile, in the city, Naofumi has just finished talking with Erhard. The weapons shop owner does not think highly of Naofumi's interaction with the King but reaffirms that he will provide him with as much help as he can. Aware that he will never be able to get a class upgrade in Melromarc, Naofumi informs the older man that he was thinking about either visiting Shieldfreeden or Siltvelt. Erhard recommends that they travel to Shieldfreeden for Filo's and Raphtalia's class upgrades. Although both are Demi-Human countries, Siltvelt is a lot more extreme in regards to Demi-Human supremacy though this should not affect Naofumi who is the Shield Hero. The prospect of a long trip delights Filo, who literally starts jumping for joy. 041b061a72


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