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Replica watches are frequently sold from street stands in districts catering to tourists or Internet websites (mostly Asian). For instance there has been an "open market" for counterfeit watches along Canal Street in Manhattan, New York City for over 20 years.[3] During the 1980s and 1990s, David Thai, the leader of the infamous Born to Kill gang was well known to have run a counterfeit watch operation on Canal Street in which he was able to profit at least $13 million in 1988 alone from the sales of counterfeit Rolex watches.[4][5]

E-mail spam was a widely used means of advertising to potential customers of replica watches, though e-mail providers have been cracking down in recent years. The auction website eBay was previously known to have many listings for fake watches. Search engines have been increasingly pressured to remove search results of websites that sell fakes. Furthermore, many expensive brands do not sanction any online sales, and instruct customers to only buy watches from authorized retailers.[6]

Swiss Customs estimates that 40% of counterfeit watches come from China,[7] but counterfeits are produced elsewhere, even in the US. EU figures show that at least 54% of fakes seized in 2004 originated in China.[8] The Swiss Customs Service is obliged to confiscate and destroy such goods to prevent re-sale. While there are some exceptions, counterfeit jewellery is confiscated in all cases.[9]

Trade-dress or design violations: the second group involves counterfeit watches designed to resemble the original (a trade dress violation). Some high-priced counterfeit watches are produced from inferior materials and have golden parts and leather straps.[10]

Note that designs are extremely difficult to copyright; thus it is legal for watch makers to freely use designs from their competitors. However, all brands have trademarked their name and symbols.[11] Rolex watches have often been more susceptible to counterfeiting compared to other luxury watches, due to their brand enjoying the highest worldwide awareness and ubiquity of their design trademarks (for instance, the Rolex Submariner has inspired plenty of imitations from both higher-end and lower-end legitimate watchmakers). Counterfeit Rolex watches commonly retail anywhere from $5 to upwards of $1,000; the latter for high-end replicas with portions fabricated from solid karat gold (although most gold Rolex fakes utilize gold electroplating). Such watches are known by several nicknames such as Fauxlex.[12]

A common myth states that a genuine watch can be discerned from a fake by the fluid movement of the sweep hand. This is because many counterfeited watches use inexpensive crystal quartz movements which produces the start/stop once per second sweep. Observed closely, one will see that even a true Rolex movement is not a perfectly smooth sweep, but is actually eight movements per second (or 28,800 per hour) in some models or around 21,000 vph in other models. The only mechanical watches that have a second hand that moves across the dial in a truly uninterrupted sweep are the Seiko Spring Drive. Nonetheless, some of the counterfeits have automatic movements (genuine or imitation), and Rolex has produced a few models with quartz movements such as the OysterQuartz which produces the distinct quartz movement "ticks".[13]

It is in fact possible for a frankenwatch to be made entirely from genuine parts. eBay and other Internet websites have provided the means to buy or sell these parts, which were originally supposed to be after-market spare parts for repair. Some have retrofitted a rare limited-edition dial on a lesser/common version of the same line of watches, and often an original stainless steel watch is disassembled so its dial and movement is placed in an after-market solid gold case. These are difficult to trace, since the watch manufacturer's serial numbers are engraved only in watch case.[16]

Many low-priced digital watches has also been counterfeited in a similar fashion to luxury watches. It is primarily distinguished by its lower build quality than the original and are significantly less accurate. Examples of commonly counterfeited digital watches are popular Casio watch models such as F-91W and various G-Shock models.

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