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Buy Shaker Bottles In Bulk

Plastic shaker bottles are popular as they are more eco-friendly than ever. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a popular material, as it is ideal for those who want to keep their products fresh and cool.

buy shaker bottles in bulk

Shaker bottles come in a variety of styles and colors, and most of all are designed for easy storage and presentation. Some shaker bottles even come in a variety of colors and designs, such as black shaker bottles, white shaker bottles come in a variety of colors.

This 24oz Shaker Bottle features a mixing ball and flip-top lid. These transparent BPA-free shaker bottles are ready for you to customize it with your company logo. Stay in front of your target audience on a daily basis as they make their protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter, or whatever else they mix up! We have these in stock for fast turn-around, and also offer this bottle in bulk quantities for the best wholesale pricing you can find!

The secret to protein shakers is the metal wire mixing ball inside, which shakes around, breaking up your protein powders and ensuring they are fully dissolved, creating smooth, delicious shakes every time. It's the easiest way to get quick, good results every time you make a shake, and they're easy to rinse and dry after every use.

Using a protein shaker is easy. Simply add water, or your preferred fluid such as milk or a dairy-free alternative, add your preferred measure of powder, close the shaker, making sure everything is sealed tight, and then shake for 15-30 seconds, until the powder has fully mixed. Serve in a cup, or simply drink straight from the shaker.

Protein shakers come in a wide variety of materials and colours, but they're most commonly made of plastic with a stainless steel wire mixing ball. The most popular are plastic protein shakers, which are transparent, thus allowing you to check your shakes are fully mixed before you serve.

Protein shaker bottles mainly work thanks to the wire mixing ball, which helps to break up any clumps of powder in your drink in the same way a whisk or blender would. If you consume protein shakes regularly, it's just easier to have a tool that you can grab, use, wash, and re-use throughout the day, a perfect addition to any gym bag.

All protein shaker cups are very similar, but they vary depending on specific needs. If you tend to drink small portions throughout the day, consider a mini shaker. If you drink mass gainers or bulking formulas, an extra-large shaker will give you room for all that powder.

Custom shaker bottles are perfect vessels for nutritional drinks, but also water and other healthy beverages like veggie and fruit smoothies. Shaker bottles and workout cups with the imprint of your choice can serve as a practical reminder for us all to stay hydrated and make healthy choices. Order your own protein shaker bottles in bulk for gyms, weight-loss and workout groups. Customize with your logo to reach personal trainers and like minded individuals.

One of the best ways to unite players together is through printed kit, but going the extra mile with printed drinks bottles will show how much you value their input. Many sports players drink protein shakes before a game, so why not use this as an opportunity to promote your team? Choose from a range of shakable bottles with carry-handles, easy-grip bodies, and flip-top lids.

Take your café or restaurant business to the next level with branded merchandise. Many people are moving away from disposable cups and bottles, so now is the perfect time to up your marketing game in line with this demand. Shaker bottles, infusers, and even salad shaker sets with forks can be printed with your company logo for maximum brand exposure.

Looking for a cheap promotional product that will turn heads? This salad shaker set could be the solution. Highly functional and easy to carry, these sets are perfect for commuters, travelers, office workers and anyone else who eats lunch on the go. With a lid that snaps securely into place, a dressing container and fork all nestled inside a shaker cup; this branded item will set you apart from the competition. The shaker set is available in a choice of lid and fork colors, and with the help of our online design lab, you can add your logo or choose an image from our clipart gallery to finish the look.

For starters, we only stock the highest quality products that have proven durability. We also use BPA-free, FDA-approved plastic for many of our bottles, and use recyclable materials wherever possible.

ProBlend Technology harnessing the power of kinetic energy. Studies show that kinetic based mixing elements that blend against the flow of material provide a more effective and smoother blend than shakers with free moving mixing elements that only flow with the material.

We also love our country with all our hearts. We want to give back to show our true support for everyone that risks their lives to keep this country great. We have created a program for every shaker cup sold we will donate a shaker to a active duty military or first responder. Show your support with us and help support this great nation we call home.

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