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Blade Of The 47 Ronin YIFY

This is one of my favorite Japanese movies of all time. The story of the 47 ronin is historical fact. The details around which the film is set are not under dispute. However, what this film is about is not so much the actual revenge of the 47 ronin again Lord Kira; it is rather about one man's resolution to let go of life - and how much he loves his life - to sacrifice it for the call of honor and revenge. The film portrays a sharp dichotomy between the bounds of honor that the main protagonist is trying to uphold and the simple beauty he finds in life. Ultimately, it is a movie about sacrifice, and the bittersweet satisfaction thereof.I would highly recommend anyone interested in seeing this movie first read some historical background on the tale of the 47 ronin. The film operates largely on the assumption that the viewer is familiar with the tale. Knowing the basics will make understanding it much easier.

Blade of the 47 Ronin YIFY

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