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Away FHD (S1 |LINK|

If there's one takeaway from the series premiere of The Crown, it's that this show has spared no expense on the details. There is a meticulousness present in every scene as the script and director Stephen Daldry focus on the small, seemingly unimportant details of the royals' lives: attendants telling drivers where to take the family; the preparation of the king's breakfast; the renovations to Philip and Elizabeth's home. The show's stately pace is made more amenable by the attention to detail, which creates a very engrossing experience.

Away FHD (S1

These opening few scenes are filled with foreshadowing. King George VI's time in the bathroom and the difficulty he has speaking while naming Philip Duke of Edinburgh let us know he's not long for this world. And, this exchange between Philip and Elizabeth hints at the struggle their marriage will face once she ascends to the throne. Philip is being facetious about signing his life away here, but little does he know that's likely the case. Part of him probably does feel that way, however, since most of his family isn't allowed to attend the wedding because some of them had ties to Germany.

Macro performance is excellent, allowing you to focus as close as 1cm away from the subject when the lens is set to wide-angle. Commendably barrel distortion is well controlled even at the 24mm focal length. The built-in flash worked well indoors, with no red-eye and adequate overall exposure, although there is noticeable vignetting at 24mm. The anti-shake system works very well when hand-holding the camera in low-light conditions or when using the telephoto end of the zoom range. The maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds allows the cameras to capture enough light for most after-dark situations.

But alas, nothing is perfect. The S1 has a strange limitation when shooting 150 or 180 fps. You're entirely limited to auto exposure. There's no adjusting aperture, or ISO, or shutter. Also the image stabilization and autofocus go away, but we can live with that.

But probably the biggest con right now is the autofocus system. It's great, maybe even better than the GH5/GH5S, but there are moments where it just doesn't work. You are framing your subject and yet the S1 continues to focus on the background. It only takes a few failed autofocus moments to start chipping away at your confidence in a camera.

Side note: you could probably open the door a tiny bit and grab the chain hanging on the outside. Also, you could probably stop shining your torch everywhere, Stiles, because it acts as a freaking beacon and gives away your location.

Love becomes suspicious of her and has a private investigator look into her, discovering she is actually Candace Stone, and confronts her as she breaks into Joe's apartment. Candace tells Love all about who Joe really is and that she is there to protect her, showing her a picture of her and Joe together. She accepts a pay off from Love to leave and Joe is able to convince the Quinns she was an obsessive ex and he had left New York and changed his name to get away from her.

The episode opens with Queen Catherine and Mary on the castle balcony watching Henry ride off with his army to a small battle involving peasants, talking about Olivia and Francis sleeping together, and how she is handling this so well; Mary walks away and Catherine is seen talking with Olivia about keeping Francis in bed if she wants to be Queen of France, Olivia says that she only wanted Francis back, and Catherine is the one who wants to her to be Queen.

Everyone is enjoying the feast, the men are playing with the gold, Mary makes an excuse to get away with her ladies, and get to the secret door in the front hall, unfortunately Olivia is not at her post as she was when Francis took the others down earlier. Mary and her ladies are soon caught by one of the Count's men and they return to the feast. Catherine is shocked to see them come back, and gets up telling the Count that Henry will go to war for his heirs; she then begs the count not to take her children; and offers them Mary and her ladies instead. The Count cuts the Queen off by telling her "to give him her heart, to cut it out of her chest so that they might understand each other...that is diplomacy: to carry the weight of your dead heart with you until you find your grave".

A blunt and short-tempered man.He only speaks when required, and uses as few words as he can get away with.He's not very good at explaining things, so he prefers to express himself with his aggressive behavior and attitude.While most see him as selfish and violent, those closest to him accept him for who he is.

Hence, in order to calm herself down she runs away to the Winter Dance to meet Manish, Devi's English teacher who seemed to take an instant liking to Kamala when he meets her, even inviting her to the faculty karaoke night.

When Emily came out, her parents, especially her mother, struggled to cope with their daughter's new identity and their conflicting moral beliefs. Her friends were supportive of her from the beginning, especially Hanna. Her parents eventually accepted her and her sexuality, as well as her than-girlfriend, Maya. In the meantime, Emily and her friends struggled to unmask their tormentor, "A". Shortly after, Maya was suddenly murdered, and Emily spiraled into self-destruction. She spent her Summer overseas building homes for the less fortunate while drinking away her grief.

Emily later met fellow swim-team member, Paige McCullers, who was a closeted lesbian. Emily helped Paige cope with her sexuality and come out to her father. Emily dated a few girls throughout high school, including Sabrina, Samara Cook, and on-and-off-again relationship with Paige. She soon discovered that Alison was still alive, which lead Alison to confide in Emily. She helped Alison to return to Rosewood, which strained her relationship with Paige. Paige and Emily eventually broke up when Paige moved away. In the meantime, Emily continued to grow closer to Alison, as she felt she had to protect her friend.

Emily became aware of her sexuality when she befriended Alison DiLaurentis toyed with her emotions and impulses. Alison would lead Emily on only to pull away and chastise her for liking girls, which heavily affected Emily. She lacked a sense of identity for years, which made her accommodating to other people's needs. Her lack of courage stopped her from standing up to Alison, however, she would often support Spencer when the latter confronted Alison. Even after Alison's disappearance, Emily suppressed her feelings for women until she finally came out. After coming out, she felt liberated but was wary of her mother's reaction. She felt embarrassed and the need to hide her relationship with her girlfriend for the comfort of her mother. When Pam accepted Emily, she was able too fully accepted herself and be in a committed relationship.

After Maya's murder, Emily spiraled and became depressed, cynical, and detached. She began drinking to cope with her grief and pushed those around her away. Emily killed Lyndon James in self-defense after he lured her to his cabin and threatened to murder both Emily and her then-girlfriend, Paige. She expressed little-to-no empathy over Lyndon's death but felt an immense sense of guilt for her injured friend who was caught in the crossfire.

Alison DiLaurentis: Divorced. (See "Emison") Alison was Emily's childhood crush and the first girl she truly loved, though she didn't have the chance to tell Alison before her disappearance. Alison favored Emily in their friend group, and often spoke of running away to Paris together. They shared what Alison called "practice kisses". Alison saved her from a barn fire and confided that she missed Emily the most before kissing her. When Alison returned from her abduction with Emily's help, the girls grew closer and eventually slept together. While their relationship endured many ups and downs in the years that followed, they always found their way back to one another either as friends or hookups. Alison's refusal to accept her bisexuality and inability to process her feelings for Emily often drove them apart. Through the help of Emily's ex-girlfriend, Alison realized that she loved Emily and wanted to be with her. With this realization, Alison admitted her true feelings and they began a relationship. However, when A.D. impregnated Alison with Emily's eggs, they faced a new obstacle on whether or not to become mothers after this extreme violation of consent. Emily was supportive of Alison's choices both when she thought about an abortion and when she decided to keep the child. Two years later, the women were mothers to twin daughters Lily and Grace. Alison later proposed to Emily and they wed shortly after. Their relationship remained rocky as Emily struggled to cope with their pasts and accept that Alison had truly changed from the viscous mean girl she once was. This drove them apart and Alison accepted a job in Beacon Heights, where Emily ultimately sent Alison divorce papers. They agreed to remain co-mothers to their twins but to see other people after their divorce was finalized.

Sara Harvey: Kissed and briefly dated. (See "Sarily") After their harrowed escape from A's Dollhouse, Emily was shocked to learn that the mysterious Sara Harvey had also been imprisoned there. Emily sought answers from Sarah and helped her cope through the trauma she endured. She also let Sara stay at her house after her mothers neglect forced her to run away again. Emily saw Sara as someone who understood what happened at the Dollhouse. When she learned that "A" had microchipped each of their prisoners, she returned to her bed to check if Sara was also chipped. This awakened the girl and they made out. Their relationship was a whirlwind of pushing boundaries, coping with trauma, and letting one another in. Emily helped Sara reconnect with her former friends from before she went missing. She genuinely fell for Sara and they went to prom together. Their blissful status crashed down when Emily learned the truth - Sara was never kidnapped by Charlotte, but worked with her from the beginning as Red Coat and The Black Widow. Sara trapped Emily and her friends in A's technological monitoring room and nearly blew them up at Radley Sanitarium. After the near explosion was averted, Emily saw Sara who tried to speak with her, though Emily punched her in the face. Five-years-later, their paths crossed again though they never dated. 041b061a72


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