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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Astrology Dictionarypdf

The great misfortune of the astrologers is that the sky has changedsince the rules of the art were established. The sun, which at theequinox was in Aries in the time of the Argonauts, is to-day in Taurus;and the astrologers, to the great ill-fortune of their art, to-dayattribute to one house of the sun what belongs visibly to another.However, that is not a demonstrative reason against astrology. Themasters of the art deceive themselves; but it is not demonstrated thatthe art cannot exist.

Astrology Dictionarypdf


Mr. P.K. Sarna is a post graduate in commerce stream. He is well versed in Nadi and KP System of astrology and also follows the Vedic system in Astrology. He has given various programmes on Astrology on various national TV Channels viz India TV, IBN7, Sanskar, Shraddha, Divya, A2Z New channel and Zee Jagran. 041b061a72


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