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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Moon 5.7z [UPDATED]

There are 3 particular strengths in this latest release as it applies to SVG, all employing the use of transforms. The first is, aside from transformOrigin, GSAP now has built in support for svgOrigin. This means that you can choose whether you want your element to transform based on the element itself (i.e. rotating on its own axis) or using a coordinate in the SVG viewbox. With svgOrigin, you would declare values according to the viewbox coordinates. In other words, if your viewbox is "0 0 400 400" and you want to spin around the SVG center, you would declare svgOrigin: "200 200"; Usually you will find that moving and adjusting a transformOrigin is enough. But in the case of the pen below, I made a cow spin around the moon at a certain part of the viewbox, and because I used an svgOrigin coordinate, it was very easy to make this animation responsive:

Moon 5.7z



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