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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.010.20099

I haven't tried raising a ticket with the software supplier yet as I don't have his credentials to receive full support from them. We had him login his account so we did it that way and didn't get any errors, things are working fine just when he tries out the Adobe Sign feature it pops up the pay for the license page. Thinking of running adobe limited access repair tool which repairs the host keys. If not that there might be a registry solution, or something else.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.010.20099

Same issue here. macOS Mojave 10.4.4, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC version 2019.010.20099 (Build: 19.10.20099.322322). Adobe Creative Cloud says there are no app updates available, so this must be the latest version.

Same issue. Mojave 10.14.4 on my Mac Air, Reader 2019.010.20099, build 19.10.20099.322322. Reader opens randomly, and I force quit it like I usually do. 30 seconds later, does the same thing. Reader is supposed to be a stable program and widely installed on all computers, but it looks like the Mac version of this app is not stable. And the fact that we haven't gotten a response from meenakshin83966505 since March 14th is just abominable. Very disappointed that this hasn't been elevated yet, even though there's two threads that I've seen with people with the EXACT same issue. 041b061a72


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